Recently, an architecture firm “Abiboo” released its ambitious plans for “Nuwa” a sustainable city in Mars. The plans reveal that the architectural masterpiece is intended to hold  up to 250,000 people in mostly underground  cave systems so as to protect human life from the damaging cosmic and solar radiation in the martian planet. This interesting development is following the landing of the US Rover “Perservance”on Mars some time ago  and Elon Musk’s ambition to have a city in  Mars by 2050, crazy!

It is perhaps on the heels of this mind-boggling vision that our first ever novella, written by the visionary of comicsDI, Ayo Makinde, was born!

Zanbutu is a daring afrofuturistic tale that tells the gripping story of Kamiti, a Kenyan Albino lad from the slums of Limuru, Kenya, who gains admission to enroll in the prestigious Strong Breed Military Academy at Zanbutu, the first ever unified African Galactic City-State in Xemus, a newly discovered planet in outer space. His new life seemed like a dream come true and a golden key to a brand-new life of adventure. And it all appears like everything is going so beautifully well for the galactic city until Darkness arises….

While Zanbutu explores the world of space travel and space as an alternate home of man, it presents this perspective through the refereshing eyes of Afrofuturism in a way you’ve never seen it before. The story presents a world of possibilities of what might or might not be.

This compelling story is now out and the ebook is available across the globe on Amazon and Streetlib via the links below