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Lagelu- The Kingdom of the Four Hills (Season 2)

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lagelu 2

Following the fall of several ancient African kingdoms, Lagelu persevered as an emblem of traditional African heritage amidst a fast advancing technological age. The kingdom faces a pivotal moment in 2050AD as four brothers contend to ascend the throne while their father, the sitting king, lay in a state of comatose, while the oracle continually keeps mute

Season 2: Fire, thunder, and brimstone are unleashed as the fierce struggle for the throne by four Princes of the only surviving Traditional African Kingdom in the future of time- LAGELU, the Kingdom on Four Hills, takes centre stage.

This Season brings back the ailing King of Lagelu in a mind-blowing role that unravels a perplexing mystery which goes to the root of the story while the most dangerous mercenaries in the world “The Locusts” led by the vicious “Nimrod” are brought to the scene by a highly ambitious personality, to commit an unforgivable sacrilegious crime in Lagelu, this shakes the Kingdom to its very foundation.

It’s Nightfall in Lagelu!!!