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Who are we?

ComicsDI is a fast rising comic brand which over the years has developed expertise in the field of art and creativity. It has a bias for creativity within the African context. In 2016, it rebranded from Divine International to ‟ComicsDI” to capture more clearly what it sees as the big picture of the brand. We strongly believe that aside the genres of poetry, creative writing, acting and music, another aspect of art that has immense potential to entertain and impact but has been less explored is the genre of comics.

Our vision is to entertain, inspire, inform and mould the mind of the larger society through creative works using the basic skills of powerful narratives, strong characterization and captivating art. For close to a decade therefore, the brand has through the medium of comics entertained and inspired the youth

Our Expertise 

We have expertise in Comic Scripting, Illustrations, Concept Development and Infographics. We have worked with some of the most influential personalities in the Nigerian comic scene which include but not limited to Godwin Akpan (frontline colorist) of Anthill Studios, Kazeem Raphael, award winning colourist of the internationally acclaimed graphic novel “EXO, The Legend of Wale Williams” produced  by Youneek Studios, Abraham Osoko, creator of the phenomenal June 12 graphic novel published by Farafina, Martin Okonkwo, iconic artist and CEO of Epoch Studios, Babajide Briggs, exceptional artist of the popular Skybond Comics that dominated the comic scene in the 90s .

Makinde Ayodeji


Makinde Ayodeji is the CEO of comicsDI. He is a graduate of law from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. For over two decades he has horned his skills in the creative industry and is deeply passionate about art and creativity within the African Context

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